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Company Philosophy

The company name reflects the idea of a translator as an invisible mediator between two language systems who provides expeditious quality translation services, thus ensuring successful communication. This applies especially to the field of interpreting where the interpreter represents an indispensable link between two interlocutors, desiring communication and mutual understanding. Our web image is directly linked to a group of dedicated and professional linguists who wish to encourage and contribute to the international and intercultural communication, and, above all, to a group of people who see a comfortable, positive and satisfying business relationship as their top priority.



In the field of translation, positive feed-back from a client and the client's general satisfaction with a translator's work is at times worth more than money received as compensation. However, when a translator receives positive feed-back from a renowned translation agency such as Translated.NET, accepting new orders turns into a complete and utter pleasure. We are therefore very happy to be able to collaborate with Translated.NET!